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Welcome to the world of Tom's Turnings!

Tom Jones is a wood artist from Cecil County, Maryland. Tom's obsession with woodworking began at a very early age, and throughout his life, he has done everything from building decks, sheds, and house additions, to fine furniture and cabinetry. But his true love lies in creating wood art - that is, finely crafted, one of a kind pieces of artwork, made from exotic woods and materials. More than anything else, Tom is a woodturner - that is, someone who makes items on a lathe. Many of these items can be seen on the pages of this website.

Tom's work can be seen at the Arts By The Bay art gallery, in Havre de Grace, Maryland. This is a wonderful cooperative gallery, filled with works by local artists from the Cecil and Harford County areas. If you're in the area, stop in, and check things out. Since the gallery is often staffed by the artists, there's a good chance you might see Tom there!

If you have questions or would like to place an order, contact Tom at TomsTurnings@twjones.us.

Published Works:

A few years ago, Tom stumbled into the world of miniatures. Initially, he became interested in seeing how small he could make things. He then discovered an entire world of miniatures enthusiasts, and his obsession evolved towards turning accurate, 1:12 scale reproductions rather than simply making things that are small. Tom created many of the tools and techniques that he uses for this task, and has several articles published by the American Association of Woodturning, through their Woodturning FUNdamentals eMagazine. His writings on the topic of miniatures was featured in their year-end book, entitled  Turning Miniatures: Universal Concepts on a Small Scale.

Did you know that Tom is a published author, too? Take a look here, if you'd like to see information about his books on Tom's author page, on Amazon.


- First place, US Army Arts and Crafts competion - 2016

- Second place, US Army Arts and Crafts competition - 2016




 - Prior to moving to Maryland, Tom was the president  (as well as webmaster, photographer, and videographer) of the Atlantic Shore Woodturners, in Lakewood, NJ - a wonderful club, full of wonderful members. For anyone in the central-shore area of NJ who is interested in woodturning, this is a club you should really look into! Be sure to check out their gallery pages and their page on Facebook.

- SomeLikeItSmall; a page by one of Tom's friends, who ultimately is responsible for guiding him into the world of miniatures in the first place! There, you'll see some amazing pictures of miniatures as small as 1:144 scale, as well as lots of links to pages by many, many amazing miniatures artists.

- Tom is also a moderator on the Yahoo! discussion group: TurningAndTalking, and frequent contributor on the TurnSmall group. If you're interested in great discussions on woodturning and miniatures, these groups are great places to find them! There are several other groups, such as Creative Woodturning, Bottlestoppers, and Pens, that are worth checking out as well.

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