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Below are some of the many Goblets Tom has made. Goblets are basically fancy glasses. These goblets are made to be beautiful decorations.  However, the finish used is a durable urethane, so the goblets can be used briefly, such as for making a toast at the wedding. It isn't recommended to drink from these goblets frequently - or to put dark colored wines in them - as it will likely stain the finish, leaving it dull and ugly. But it's the buyer's decision whether this is their intent or not. If you do chose to drink from one of these goblets, wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and dry immediately. Never put one of these goblets into dishwater, or even worse: a dishwasher! The status of each item is listed (ie, whether it's available or not). If you see something you like, but it isn't available any longer, don't fear! Most items can be custom ordered. However, be forewarned, it's rarely possible to duplicate something exactly. But Tom will do his best to replicate what you see in the picture, as closely as possible.

Click on the pictures, for a larger version.

Cherry Goblet with Celtic "Knot"

This Goblet won 1st place in the 2016 US Army Arts and Crafts competition! Made from Cherry, with Bloodwood, Maple, and Walnut veneers interwoven into a celtic knot.

Size: 8" tall x 4" dia.

Price: $150 Status: SOLD

8" Black Walnut Goblet

The beauty of Black Walnut is exemplified in this gorgeous wedding goblet. 8" tall, complete with intertwined captive rings.

Price: $90 Status: Typically Available

8" tall Maple Wedding Goblet

This is a gorgeous piece of wood! The figure in this maple is one of a kind! The perfect goblet for a couple's first toast!

Size: 8" tall x 4" dia.

Price: $90 Status: Typically Available

8" tall Cherry Wedding Goblet

The perfect goblet for your first toast! The beautfy of cherry, combined with the elegant styling of this goblet will be sure to cause your guests to ooh and aah. There are two interlocked captive rings on the stem, signifying the happy couple's relationship and love.

Price: $90 Status: Typically Available

8" tall Cherry Wedding Goblet with Walnut Stem

A combination of a maple cup and base with a black walnut stem. Two interlocking maple rings on the stem complete this unique wedding goblet.

Price: $100 Status: Available

Canarywood Wedding Goblet

A perfect gift for a couple about to say their vows! This magnificant wedding goblet, made from canarywood, is as beautiful as it is delicate. The walls of the cup are paper thin, and the stem is less than 1/8" thick. A pair of captive rings on the stem signify the couple's love, and union to each other. Size: 5" tall x 2" dia.

Price: $65, Status: SOLD


Canarywood Goblet, lying down

Here's a view of the wedding goblet, lying on its side, so you can see how thin the walls of the "cup" are. These goblets are extremely delicate - this one weighs less than 1 ounce!

Spalted Maple with Cocobolo Stem

The cup and base of this goblet are made from spalted Maple, and the stem is made from cocobolo. The walls of the cup are paper thin, and the stem is less than 1/8" thick! A pair of spalted maple captive rings are attached to the stem, intended as a sign of good luck to a newly married couple. Size: 5" tall x 1.5" dia.

Price: $75. Status: SOLD

8" tall Cedar Wedding Goblet

Cedar is such a beautiful wood, and it looks especially nice in this goblet. There are two interlocked captive rings on the stem, signifying the happy couple's relationship and love.

Price: $90 Status: SOLD

Quilted Maple Wedding Goblet

The perfect gift for a newly married couple; standing 5" stall, made from quilted maple, complete with intertwined captive rings on the stem, this goblet is intended to sit on the couple's mantle, as a constant reminder of their new life together.

Price: $75 Status: SOLD (orders accepted)

8" tall Maple Goblet

Talk about delicate! This 8" tall Maple Goblet has a stem that is a mere 1/8" diameter. Weighing less than 1 ounce, it is a clear example of how eligant a wood turned goblet can be!

Price: $100 Status: Available

Orange Wood Wedding Goblet

Made from the wood of an orange tree, this wedding goblet with captive ring was made as a gift for a couple in florida.

Size: 5" tall x 2.5" dia.

Price: $50. Status: Not Available

Offset Stemmed Goblets

Here's a pair of goblets turned with offset stems. Strange, curious looking, conversation pieces. The large one stands 4 1/2" tall, and is made from Poplar. The smaller one is a mere 2 3/4" tall and is made from Cherry. Both feature a captive ring that was carved from the wood while the pieces were being turned.

Price: $65

Status: NFS (special orders accepted).


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